Graphic Designer

Concept Work

Dish Restaurant Identity

Dish is a concept design identity for a hibachi restaurant with artistic influence from Jackson Polluck. The system includes a logo, business card, gift card, postcard, food menu, drinks and desserts menu, take-out box and bag, custom wine bottle, web design and exterior store design. The liquid form of paint sparked my entire inspiration for this piece. I related an empty paint canvas to an empty plate in a restaurant, each waiting to be transformed into a unique work of art. Once my color palette was chosen, I created a series of paint splatters using many different techniques. These prints were then scanned and used throughout my design. The Dish logo was created by dipping the bottom ring of a plate into paint. The creative combination of food and art creates a unique, bright look and feel for a fun restaurant concept.

Branding Element – Logos 3 published by Sendpoints Books Co., Ltd
Making a Splash: Graphics that Flow published by Victionary

Terrain Retail Packaging

This packaging concept was designed for the upscale home and gardening store ‘Terrain’. Designs consist of a large bag, a medium box and a small gift box, all which knock down completely flat. This helps to save space when shipping the packaging, as well as saving space in the retail store itself. The employees would be able to quickly assemble each item when the customers are at checkout. The bag was designed to safely hold two medium boxes and two small boxes, maximizing the amount of merchandise that can be carried in each bag. The medium box was designed to hold home goods as well as a plant. In order to satisfy both functions, the box has a top that is easily removable, allowing for an open area for a plant to expand without being damaged. The small box works great for small items and gift cards, and features a unique tie closure with a pinecone holding it in place. Natural looking materials such as brown recyclable paper, textured green paper, twine, wooden textures and pinecones were used to connect with the look and feel of the store and its products.

Crazy Colour published by Dream On Publisher


Graphic Design USA, American Package Design Award Winner, 2014
Creativity International Awards, 43rd Creativity Print & Packaging Competition Retail Packaging Gold Award Winner, 2013

Polish Film Poster book

Plakat Filmu: An Exploration of Polish Film Posters is a concept design for a book on Polish film posters. It is a book that not only admires the design of these posters, but also brings the static images to life, and gives them the motion, surprise and dimension of film. This is achieved by adding interactive elements throughout the book with pop-ups and reveals. Hand rendered typography is used to evoke the emotion and artistry conveyed in the style of Polish film posters. This 10x14 book is over 100 pages, and was entirely printed, assembled and hand-bound by myself. The large size allows the images to be displayed very big and fill each page with bright, brilliant color and texture. Each pop-up and reveal was carefully planned, structured and built by hand, requiring near perfect craft, measurements and precision. The book is divided into six sections, which includes the introduction, four features of famous Polish poster artists and an index.

Above Artist catalogue

This book design is an artist catalogue featuring the international street artist ABOVE. The book is nearly 50 pages long with a die-cut cover and hand-stitched coptic binding. ABOVE's work is very bold and bright, a design style which I reflected in my own creative decisions throughout the book.

Survivor game design

This is a concept for a board game design inspired by my little sister when she was in middle school. Survivor: Middle School Edition is a brand new game made for young girls. Influenced by the concepts of ‘Chutes and Ladders’ and ‘Life’, this game functions by players moving forward and backward across the board based on good and bad events that could take place in the life of a young female. Travel through life as a middle school girl, advancing through grades 6th, 7th and 8th with the goal of reaching high school. Experience some typical struggles and achievements of the average ‘tween’ girl while learning lessons and having fun along the way. The game uses a simple illustrative style with bright colors and modern, inventive characters, and would be constructed mainly of paper with the exception of the plastic character stands and die. All illustrations were created by hand and colored in Photoshop. This game would serve as part of a series, functioning as the middle school edition with other versions being available for younger and older girls as well. Ideal for a sleepover with a group of girls, Survivor: Middle School Edition promises endless nights of giggly fun and games.

Collab Student Design Competition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2012

Portion Distortion Exhibition

Portion Distortion is a concept for an exhibition design about the portion increases in food over the past 20-30 years. It shows the viewer how portions and calories have dramatically increased and what they can do to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The exhibition also features an interactive game which prompts the player to choose what they believe is a healthy portion size for several different food groups to make up a meal. The visitors would leave with an image of what healthy portion sizes would be, prompting them to make better decisions during their next meal. The colors were inspired by fast food companies since their foods typically contain the highest calorical intake.