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Newbury, OH


Game Design & Packaging

The objective of this project was to either redesign and repackage an existing game or create an entirely new one. I chose to make my own game, inspired by my younger sister.

“Survivor: Middle School Edition” is a brand new game made for young girls. Inspired by the concepts of ‘Chutes and Ladders’ and ‘Life’, this game functions by players moving forward and backward across the board based on good and bad things that could happen in the life of a young female. Travel through life as a middle school girl, advancing through grades 6th, 7th and 8th with the goal of reaching high school. Experience some typical struggles and achievements of the average ‘tween’ girl while learning lessons and having fun along the way. The game uses a simple illustrative style with bright colors and modern, inventive characters, and would be constructed mainly of paper with the exception of the plastic character stands and die. This game would serve as part of a series, functioning as the middle school edition with other versions being available for younger and older girls as well. Ideal for a sleepover with a group of girls, “Survivor: Middle School Edition” promises endless nights of giggly fun and games.