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Good to Great Graphics

Good to Great
Flywheel Graphic

GO2 put together a presentation for Sherwin-Williams 2018 National Sales Meeting. As part of this presentation, they requested a “flywheel” graphic to show moving forward and finding new ways to invigorate their team and engage their customers in new and useful ways. The theme of the presentation was “The Greatness Within”, and spoke to the greatness within the agency, the tools they provide and the members of the Sherwin family.

Working with a Creative Director, I designed several slides of content that would energize the audience to break the script and grow their business. Using bright colors and playful icons offered a design that was eye catching and inspirational to the reps and stood out amongst the mundane week of presentations they were faced with. These graphics were also animated and brought to life in a video that was played for employees.

Client: Sherwin-williams
Services: Graphic Design, presentation