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Newbury, OH


Jack Cooper Trade Show Booth Graphics

Jack Cooper Holding Co. is transitioning to a single brand identity: Jack Cooper. They have been gradually taking steps internally and externally to complete awareness build in the marketplace. The goal of this project was to establish recognition as the full-service thought-leader, solution provider and strategic partner in the finished vehicle transportation category. The task was to design several signage pieces for their trade show booth and additional spaces at the conference. The signage consists of two 8’x8’ signs and four 3’x7’ retractable signs, as well as a full-page ad.

These pieces were used in the soft launch of the transition that took place at the 2014 Finished Vehicle Logistics Conference. Since this was going to be viewed amongst many other booth graphics, I wanted the design to be clean, organized and eye-catching. A color system along with a set of icons was established to represent each of Jack Cooper’s four major segments. Using a bright color palette and clean, sharp lines allowed the signage to be easily legible and noticed from a distance. The balanced blend of type and imagery allowed the viewer to digest the information without being overwhelmed by copy. The client was so pleased with the designs that they have now carried it through into their brand, and several elements are used on their website.