Graphic Designer

LeakSmart Packaging

Home Packaging 

Waxman tasked GO2 with designing concept packaging for a new product in the LeakSmart Home division. The overall objective was to communicate to consumers that preventable water damage is a serious threat and LeakSmart is the authority on eliminating this risk. Since this product is the first-to-market with no competitors, there was a heavy emphasis on educating the consumer on how the product works and how easy it is to integrate into their home.

Working closely with a Senior Art Director and a Creative Director, I developed concept packaging and advertisement ideas for this very unique product. Since LeakSmart already had an existing successful brand, we kept the design in the same family while still boldly standing out as something new. Overall the design encourages product interaction by promoting a smart, but utilitarian, appeal in visually compelling ways.

Client: LeakSmart
Services: Graphic Design, Packaging