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Newbury, OH


LivingWise Branding

GO2 Advertising was tasked with creating the strategic market research and planning, brand voice, logo design and digital platform for the LivingWise project by American Modern. LivingWise is an American Modern marketing and claims joint project, involving an associate built pre-fab home for claims adjusting training, that will give marketing a platform to showcase expertise in today’s trend of smart, secure and sustainable living. The entire project would be filmed from start to finish, and would be presented much like a video segment on HGTV. The branding elements that needed to be created were two logo designs, icons, social media, color scheme and some branding elements and textures that could be used throughout the project.

When I began creating the logo, I wanted to make sure that the design supported the LivingWise three word tagline: Smart, Sustainable, Secure. The three main pieces of the graphic represent those three values, and show them coming together to form the house. The overlap of pieces shows that all three components work together to make the larger structure. The LivingWise type treatment is kept simple to relate back to the idea of sustainable living, with no fluff or unnecessary embellishments. The use of negative space in the logo mark promotes the idea of being green and environmentally friendly, reusing one thing to make another. The overall logo has a modern look and feel, linking it to the modern lifestyle being promoted by the entire LivingWise project. I decided to create two versions, a horizontal and an icon. I knew that the horizontal design would work best for web/print materials, while the icon version would probably work best for the video segments. Once the LivingWise logo was complete, I also had to design a logo for the LivingWise Guru. The “guru’s” refer to the LivingWise specialists and employees working on the project in the video segments. This gave the workers a fun, informative, approachable title with an air of expertise, and brings an added layer of personality and energy to the project.

Once the branding was established, the interactive team developed the LivingWise blog. The blog follows the build of the American Modern pre-fab home, and offers articles that give readers ideas for living more inspired, innovative and informed. The blog also features weekly videos that follow the home’s construction and give tips on making smart choices when building a house. Although GO2 did not create the videos, elements of the LivingWise branding campaign were carried through into the video segments.