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Paint Shield Launch Kit

Paint Shield Launch Kit

In 2016, Sherwin-Williams launched an innovative new product: Paint Shield, the first EPA-registered microbicidal paint. While this amazing new technology worked to solve the problem of harmful bacteria, it caused another problem for Sherwin-Williams. The complicated scientific specifications created significant apprehension about the handling and selling of the product. As a result, Paint Shield sales were below forecast and the product needed to be “re-launched” in the field.

With these things in mind, we created a high-quality kit with simple copy, a clean design and a logical unboxing experience that successfully reinforced the main message: Paint Shield is backed by revolutionary technology that’s ideal for certain specialized applications, but don’t worry – it’s still just paint. A year-to-year comparison showed a 198% gallon increase and a 133% sales increase this year over last year. Our partners at Sherwin-Williams also received feedback from the field that they loved the kit and its components and they have since integrated them into their permanent collection of selling tools.

We were honored with a 2017 Gold PRSA “Cleveland Rocks” Award Winner in the New Consumer Product or Service Launch category.

Client: Sherwin-williams
Services: Graphic Design, packaging
awards: gold PRSA “Cleveland Rocks” Award Winner, 2017