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Room by Room Brochure

Paint Guide

Room-by-Room is an essential selling approach in the Sherwin-Williams repertoire. Rather than selling the same paint for the entire house or just upselling to the most premium product, it allows contractors to tailor paint recommendations to each room’s purpose. This approach leads to more effective solutions and greater long-term satisfaction, but there are some obstacles to its implementation. It is a more involved process and different types of paint could require different application materials — increasing labor costs. 

Working with a Creative Director, I designed a tri-fold brochure that took homeowners through a straightforward three-step process to finding the perfect paint. Step one provides contractors with lifestyle questions to present to the homeowner, complete with easily relatable lifestyle vignettes. In step two, a contractor seeks to better understand how their customer will use the space, and in step three, they find the results. Each result included features, benefits, and available finishes, and had a space for the contractor/homeowner to fill out information for each room needing repainting. 

GO2 Partners helped Sherwin-Williams achieve greater sales effectiveness with a simplified guide to choosing the perfect paint. Homeowners can easily select a paint that fits the way they live, which results in happier customers and better sales for contractors and Sherwin-Williams.

Client: Sherwin-williams
Services: Graphic Design