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Newbury, OH


Sherwin-Williams 2015 New Products Catalog

GO2 was tasked with creating Sherwin-William's 2015 New Products Catalog. The client wanted the design to be simple since the reader was supposed to focus on the products. They also insisted that the cover include some type of a collage showing a wide range of the new products being featured. The catalog was 28 pages and introduced new items such as paint, tools, cleanup items, ladders, pressure washers and more.

When I began designing the cover for the catalog, I tried to think of a new way to show a collage of products rather than just layering the products on top of one another. Knowing that the client was looking for simplicity, I chose to use a simple geometric shape as the main element in my design. Housing the featured products within a shape allowed each product to stand out more on its own. Using the hexagon shape worked well because each small unit linked together to form a larger unit. The blurred motion further accentuates this, showing that each item is coming together to create something bigger than itself. The simplistic style of the cover was brought through to the interior spreads, which allowed the emphasis to be on the products.